dolphins watching

Dolphin viewing in Kalpitiya,
Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya is one of the best spots for dolphin viewing in Sri Lanka. Here you can witness gigantic units of dolphins, even thousands at once,in their normal territory.

Viewing the delightful dolphins swimming close by and plunging under your vessel, riding waves in flawless synchronization and whirling and jumping out of the water in an upbeat show, is a brilliant ordeal and one that will be loved for quite a long time to come.

The oceans off Kalpitiya Peninsula wound up noticeably well-known moderately as of late – in 2005 – when expansive cases of Spinner dolphins were spotted. These dolphins were chiefly found in a range that ran north-south parallel to the Kalpitiya promontory, in-shore off the reef, which is usually known as the 'Dolphin Line'. From that point forward, Kalpitiya has turned out to be one of the top goals for dolphin viewing in Sri Lanka.