Kite School

Kite School

FORE SURE we LOVE what we DO!

We have our own kiteschool from 2014. And have put 300+ students through our courses.

We are located in Kalpitiya, situated 3 hours drive north from Colombo - the windiest place in Sri Lanka and Asia.

We'll give you the best locations to learn kitesurfing! Lagun with nice, flat water will be perfect for learning and improving both: total beginners and experienced riders.

For riders that feel confident on the board and want to get some advanced tips or just to kite in paradise(!) we organize kite trips and downwinders : Dream Spot, Donkey point and one of the well known kite spot - Vella Island.

All our instructors are IKO(International Kiteboarding Organization) certified.

To teach our students we use only new kite gear of NORTH, NOBILE and MYSTIC.

The prices include all the kite gear: Kite, bar, board, safety leash, harness + transfer to the spot and back + instructors patience 🙂

Lesson Type Details Duration & Price Per Person (Include gear/ Transport)
1 day Beginner Course IKO Certification Included. Give you basic understanding what is kiteboarding all about. Short and simple theory. Launching and piloting the kite. 3 hours - 130 €
3 day IKO Beginner Course IKO Certification Included. Give you all the skills to set up and go along in confident and safe way and become IKO certified level 2. 9 hours - 340 €
1 day Advanced Course IKO Certification included. We will give you coaching from your actual level of kiteboarding. Going up wind , first Jump , Jumps with Stabs , unlock , back roll or just simple turn – we will give you feedback and show you the way to improve particular skills. 3 hours - 130 €
1 day Private Lesson IKO certification Included. Individual personal coaching with option to use radio helmet which allows you to progress fast andefficient. 3 hours - 150 €

Terms Conditions

Lessons Refund

For a 3 Days course, you will be refunded 2.5 days.
For a 1 Day beginner course, you will receive a half day refund.
For any other lesson, you will receive a full refund.

*No wind means a kite will not fly in the conditions.

Equipment Rental

1) Any damage to the equipment must be paid to repair it. If the equipment cannot be repaired, or if it is lost, then it must be replaced.

2) We do our best to make sure all our gear is maintained to a high standard but please check everything is in working order before you launch.

3) Please return the equipment on time, as we may have other bookings.

Equipment & Rental

Equipment Rental 1 day 3 days 5 days 1 week 10 days 2 weeks
Board 20 € 60 € 80 € 100€ 130€ 175€
Kite 60 € 150€ 230€ 300€ 390€ 520€
Harness 10 € 25 € 35 € 50 € 65 € 85 €
Boots 05 € 10 € 15 € 20 € 25 € 30 €
Full equipment 60 € 150€ 230€ 300€ 390€ 520€

*All prices are in Euro.The equipment is in very good state

Kite Shop & Repair

Kite Shop & Repair

We stock and teach with always with the range of the top brands: Cabrinha, North, Zian, Nobile and Mystic equipment ; available for you for rentals and sales. MUCH MORE THAN KITESURF EQUIPMENT We stock everything that you need for kiteboarding and more: sunglasses (water), rash vests, boardshorts, impact vests, helmets, spares, repair kits, beach wear Depending on your level we arrange your custom sized equipment for all your personal requirements.